Nitrogen and the environment

Establishing carbon footprint baselines

Unlocking Scope 3 reductions & removals at scale

Review of CFT against LSRG requirements

Rainforest Alliance case study

Soil carbon monetization for smallholder farmers

Danone Leading the way on methane reduction

Unleashing the power for this new market to motivate change

Analysis of emissions from Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa farms in Ivory Coast

Cool Farm APM & Pipeline

Cool Farm Platform

Boortmalt Input for CFT

McCain - in what ways does the CFT data support our transition to regenerative agriculture?

Harvesting actions for impact at scale - how do we get farmers to change?

Soil carbon monetization for smallholder farmers

McCain - Our regenerative agriculture principles

Beneficial correlations of alternate-wet-drying of rice paddy fields

Tilda - we're working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, water and energy use

Caravela - We go above and beyond

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